The Power of Focus


This 81-page guide reveals the secrets of focus and shows practical ways to improve your focus! Get this guide, develop unbreakable focus and get more done!

Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to focus?  Use this guide to develop unbreakable focus to get more done!

The Power of Focus helps you explore how to focus your attention. It presents the idea that there are two distinct types of focus, passive and active. The Power of Focus will help you take control over your thoughts and actions to live a better life

In this 81-page guide you will learn:

  • What is focus?
  • Why do most people lack focus?
  • How to escape the ‘busy‘ trap – unraveling burnout, undoing the effects of burnout and the impact of being overwhelmed
  • How to reclaim your time – the impact of poor nutrition, imbalanced hormones, lack of sleep, stress, the surrounding environment
  • The benefits of being focused – taking control, getting positive energy, enhanced problem solving, getting things done and greater satisfaction
  • How successful people develop self-discipline – learn to visualize, prioritize, say ‘no’ to distractions, eliminate multitasking, rise above feelings
  • Strategies to build unbreakable focus – train your brain, plan your day, get more rest, work with music, practicing mindfulness
  • Why you should focus on one thing at a time – get things done, eliminating errors, gaining more success, conserving more energy
  • Using online tools for laser focus – review of some of the more popular digital tools to enhance focus

This book comes with checklist and a mind map to help you retain and implement powerful learning.


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