The Finding Balance Challenge


The Finding Balance Challenge is a 10-day mini-course that covers information in the Finding Balance book. Invest in yourself with this challenge and learn how to move to a place of greater balance, discipline and meaning!

Do you struggle with finding a healthy balance between your work and home lives? Stop burning the candle at both ends and bring your life back into balance with The Finding Balance Challenge!

The Finding Balance Challenge is a 10-day mini-course that you can enjoy with or without the Finding Balance book.

Here is how it works:

The day after you purchase the challenge, you will receive an email message with a link to a short video. Then, over the next 9 days, you will receive 9 more messages, each with links to the video and audio recording for that day and a short recap of the previous day’s video.

Each video/audio focuses on one aspect of finding balance. The ten days are listed below:

Day 1 – 5 Consequences of Poor Work-Life Balance
Day 2 – 5 Signs You Need to Ditch That Friend
Day 3 – 5 Tips for Creating a Peaceful Home When Things Are Tense
Day 4 – 5 Tips to Reclaim Control Over Your Unbalanced Life
Day 5 – Boundaries and Balance What You Need to Know
Day 6 – Finding Joy in Your Unbalanced Life
Day 7 – Saying No the Key to A Balanced Life
Day 8 – Wakeup Call 5 Examples of An Unbalanced Life
Day 9 – Why Living an Unbalanced Life Is Dangerous +What You Can Do About It
Day 10 – Why you can’t have your cake and eat it too

Each video summarizes a chapter in the book and is between 3 and 5 minutes long. Make sure you can set aside 10 minutes each day to watch the video for that day and reflect on the information. Pick out one skill from that day’s message that you want to incorporate that day (or the next day if you are watching the video at night). If you can repeat this pattern each day, you will begin to improve your ability to find balance.


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