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Tips on being a good leadership mentor

Practical Tips for Being a Good Leadership Mentor to Youth


The ultimate goal of mentoring youth in your community is to help young people navigate life challenges and bring them to a place where they can lead others someday. And to do that, you must first build a strong relationship with your mentee(s). Below, we’ve listed some practical tips for mentors on how they can bring out the best in their mentees:

Practical Tips for Mentoring

Be a Role Model

 Your mentee(s) will be observing how you live your own life, whether or not they realize it. Be mindful of your actions and lifestyle choices.

  • Practice self-care by eating well and exercising regularly.
  • Improve your career prospects by going back to school for a business degree. Go here to explore your options.
  • Show discipline in how you fulfill your day-to-day responsibilities.

Leave the Ball In Your Mentee’s Court

 Your leadership will be more effective if your mentee feels that their voice is heard.

Take Every Opportunity to Strengthen the Relationship

 At the end of the day, the success of your mentorship depends on how well you have built the relationship between you and your mentee.

  • Keep in mind that you are mentoring your mentee, not their family; try to help them through tough situations without judging or trying to appease their family.
  • Learn about your mentee by listening to their concerns and allowing them to vent about life circumstances.
  • Take responsibility for the relationship by initiating and maintaining contact, but don’t force unwanted advice on your mentee!


Being a mentor is a big responsibility, but there are few things more rewarding. If you want to help youth in your community live up to their potential as leaders, then focus on being a good role model, giving your mentees freedom, and fostering your relationships. Once you’ve built trust, you’ll have a solid foundation for helping your mentees develop the skills they need to lead successful lives!

Make a difference in a young person’s life.

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